Flowers from Hubby!

 Every now and then, Hubby comes home with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for me.
He usually tells me that, 'They were on special.'  [That's how he defends the 20 items he brings home 
when he went to the store for one :)]

I'm not sure I always believe that the price was reduced, but I do
appreciate that he thinks about me when I'm not with him!


Hollard Gardens

Basket Fungus that grows in NZ.

A native tree called Kowhai (the maori word for 'yellow').

Along an overgrown path, I found some snow from a few days before!


Wednesday around the World

The top of an old bridge pylon covered with moss and
rocks and grass is the kind of thing that grabs my attention.

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Kiwi ingenuity

It's easy to overlook this shipping marker on the side of the road leading to the
beach at Opunake. As simple as it is, I'm sure it was very important when ships 
came with a variety of cargo. According to this article, Opunake didn't have a port for long.

Here's a shot of the bay that they had to navigate.


this and that

These are some archived shots to share on this dreary, rainy day.
They made me smile and hope they do the same for you :)

The Wave Opunake Christian Fellowship

'Let God's love flood your soul'



This is the second time that my azalea has blooms this winter--so far--even
after a few days of terrible winds and very cold temperatures!

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former Waikawa St Mary's

I ran across this cute little church on one of our trips
and had to stop for a photo.


Wednesday around the World

It is definitely winter in my part of the world but it's
still beautiful if you look around!

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random archive photos

I love that I caught this hawk in the shot!

Welcome swallow on the front porch

Paradise ducks that live in the next paddock

Good Random Fun (you pick!)


archived churches

These are a few churches that I ran across from several years back.