at the beach

Here are some coastal images for my northern hemisphere friends who
might need a little warm-me-up :)


in my garden

 After many days of warm rain, it's beginning to look like autumn is close by.
The weather is warm during the day but cooler at night but the colors of
the garden don't care--they just do what they are meant to do.

These yellow flowers are from a potted plant that Hubby surprised me with last
summer. I am so happy that four of the five plants bloomed beautifully this fall.

This is a running geranium in my wishing well, but it sure looks like a tibouchina bloom.

My red geranium in the wishing well is very happy.

Of course, these little guys popped up after the rain...

This is a yellow admiral (thanks, Hubby, for the id) that hangs around the house. Today I saw two of them.


A few New Plymouth sights

 These photos are a slice of New Plymouth, the largest city in Taranaki.

The murals are seen on the underpass walkway to the coastline.

One of the clever warnings on the electrical boxes.

A petrel among the gulls on a roof.

Hubby loves feeding his eely buddies.

While he was feeding the eels, a little girl pointed out the baby birds in a hole in the wall. 

They possible belong to these pigeons.

The walkway follows the Huatoki River to the sea. If you look closely, you can see
a white dot on a rock in the middle of the photo.

This is the dot! A crab hiding in a hole in the rock.

This was one of the awesome formations at Back Beach.

I really like this shot that I took through one of the openings.

Sadly, it wasn't long after the above photos that a storm destroyed them.



The plant life around here seems to think it was OK to completely skip winter
this year and go directly to spring!  
One of my azaleas is blooming again; an Easter lily that I moved, 
but didn't cut to the ground (so I would know where it is!), is 
blooming; and bulbs that I planted for next spring are sprouting!

So how does your world look this week??

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